Virtualization Field Day 6

Read­ing Time: 2 min­utes I’m sit­ting here watch­ing an episode of Top Gear as I write this, and wax­ing con­tem­pla­tive on my recent invi­ta­tion to both a Tech Field Day one-day event and Vir­tu­al Field Day 6 .

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Nexus Crash

Read­ing Time: 5 min­utes As is typ­i­cal in the world of IT, prob­lems have a way of sneak­ing up on you when you least expect it, then vicious­ly attack­ing you with a Bil­ly-club.

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Vacation is over. Now get y’er ass back to work

Read­ing Time: < 1 minute Well, it’s over. Vaca­tions always seem way too short.

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