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As an executive with over 27 years of distinguished experience in the technology industry, my journey has been characterized by a deep commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic leadership. With more than 14 of those years at the helm of complex organizational structures, I have honed an adept ability to navigate the intricacies of management, SOX analysis and compliance, project planning, and execution. My tenure includes extensive experience as a consulting engineer, where I applied a pragmatic approach to IT, always with a keen eye on operational efficiency and strategic alignment. In my executive capacity, I’ve consistently demonstrated an exceptional talent for translating overarching business goals into coherent IT strategies. My communication skills have been particularly effective in demystifying complex IT systems and theories for C-level executives, ensuring alignment and understanding across all levels of the organization. This ability has been instrumental in my track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, a testament to my leadership and project management acumen.

My specialties are a reflection of my broad yet deep expertise in the field. These include programming, automation, orchestration, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), security analysis, and network architecture and restructuring. I am particularly adept at architecting networks with a focus on business needs, driving datacenter migrations, leveraging Cloud technologies, and translating business objectives into technical projects. My approach is always tailored to the specific needs of the business, ensuring that technical solutions not only solve immediate problems but also contribute to the long-term success and vision of the organization.


Bluetooth SIG

Director Of Engineering And Operations

December 2021 - Present (2 years 5 months) Kirkland, Washington, United States In my executive leadership role within the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), I oversee an expansive and dynamic infrastructure operation, directing several specialized teams that span bespoke software development, Cloud Operations (IT), Data and Analytics, and Product and UI/UX design. This role operates at the forefront of technology’s evolution, navigating the SIG through a critical juncture marked by rapid growth and technological advancement. With a direct line to manager-level reports and a broad spectrum of individual contributors, the essence of my role is as much about fostering strong, collaborative relationships as it is about strategic time management. My remit is to maintain a harmonious and efficient working environment, propelling teams towards unified objectives while optimizing operational workflows. Operating with a cloud-first IT strategy, I helm a very agile and responsive infrastructure team that caters to the sophisticated needs of not only our internal stakeholders but also a vast network of tens of thousands of member companies worldwide.

Key Responsibilities: Managing a multi-million dollar budget, optimizing resource allocation and financial stewardship. Leading a diverse team of high performers, encouraging innovation and excellence. Steering strategic direction for key operational segments within the Bluetooth SIG. Maintaining productive vendor partnerships, navigating contract negotiations, and management. Upholding stringent standards through various annual audits, including ISO 27001 and cybersecurity insurance compliance. Liaising with our 24/7 SOC to preemptively address and respond to security issues. Vigilantly protecting Bluetooth SIG’s intellectual assets and technical infrastructure. This executive mandate requires a leader skilled in balancing the human element of team management with strategic execution in a fast-paced, techdriven environment.

World Wide Technology

Consulting Systems Engineer

March 2014 - December 2021 (7 years 10 months) In the capacity of Consulting Systems Engineer at World Wide Technology, my role encompassed a spectrum of critical responsibilities, central to which was serving as the chief technical architect for wired and wireless network infrastructures across numerous Fortune 100 enterprises. My remit involved engaging closely with engineering teams and executive leadership to deliver tailored network solutions that supported complex business requirements. My expertise in navigating both the technical nuances and the strategic business implications of IT infrastructure has rendered me adept at conversations ranging from granular system design to high-level, strategic decision-making. Key Contributions and Responsibilities:

  • Generated substantial consulting revenue, running into the millions, underscoring my value to the business and clients alike.
  • Collaborated intimately with Fortune 100 companies to critically evaluate, reengineer, and implement sophisticated data center hardware solutions, driving efficiencies and advancements in their operations.
  • Architected expansive wireless networks for several vast hospital systems, enhancing connectivity and modernizing healthcare IT infrastructures.
  • Partnered with a Fortune 10 client to revamp their global load-balancing strategy, significantly bolstering the resilience and efficiency of their network.
  • Acted as the lead on numerous complex initiatives, seamlessly integrating network engineering with bespoke software development to meet specialized client demands. This multifaceted role demanded a robust combination of technical prowess, creative problem-solving, and strategic planning to not only meet but exceed client expectations, ensuring the deployment of scalable, high-performance network environments.


IT Director, Member of Extended Leadership Team

June 2007 - March 2014 (6 years 10 months) Snoqualmie, WA Assumed management position over Zetec Information Technology department in all facilities world-wide when prior IT Manager left. Largely handed over server management responsibilities for all bare-metal servers to direct reports, however, retained ownership of the network, storage, and virtualization pieces at the same time as taking on traditional management duties including: (1) Staff management, training, and mentoring (2) Setting IT policy (3) Management of Sarbanes-Oxley documentation and processes (4) Budgeting (5) Contract negotiation This position remains challenging due to the overlapping duties between management and engineering, but has uniquely positioned me for a variety of future growth opportunities. Key accomplishments and initiatives: (1) Member of IT Policy board for parent company Roper Industries. This involves setting IT policy for all companies in the group, as well as negotiating larger contracts to take advantage of scale. (2) Implementation of NetApp storage system for Snoqualmie campus (3) Implementation of Cisco UCS for Snoqualmie campus (4) Conversion of over 75% of all servers to virtual (5) IT project leader on major ERP system conversion from pure Oracle, with Oracle financials, to Tier-2 system (IFS) utilizing Oracle at the database layer. (6) Conversion of phone system to pure IP with Cisco Call Manager, Unity, IPCC and SIP trunks (7) Network build-out for Shanghai, China factory (8) Network restructuring for offices in Paris, France; Seoul, South Korea; and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (9) Negotiation of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewals and true-ups, as well as Cisco Smartnet and other large IT contracts. (10) Successful SOX audits each year with no significant findings. (11) Successful DoE and DoD audits each year with no significant findings.

Sr. Network Engineer

July 2006 - June 2008 (2 years) Snoqualmie, WA This position involved hands on with a variety of technologies and vendors, but was largely a network engineering role focused on Cisco routing, switching, and security techologies. Originally hired as Sr. Network Engineer, specifically to fix worldwide OSPF routing design for multi-national manufacturing company and finish migration from EIGRP. Took immediate ownership of all infrastructure including security, telco, routing and switching, and servers including HPUX, Sun Solaris OS, Windows, and Linux. Key Accomplishments and Initiatives: (1) Converted entire routing infrastructure from EIGRP/RIP/Static/OSPF to pure OSPF (2) Complete design and build-out of IPv6 dual-stacked network infrastructure including total campus network from edge to client, external gateways and DMZ, email, web, and participated in World IPv6 Day as a validated network. (3) Implemented VMware virutalization technology utilizing iSCSI Equalogic SANs for storage. Began transitioning server infrastructure at Snoqualmie Campus to virtual. (4) Restructured and moved entire distribution/DMZ network to vendor-neutral facility in the Westin Building, Seattle. All world-wide WAN and Telco links for Zetec flow through here. This transition was therefore a major project with stakeholders on multiple continents. Security, external DNS, Web, Mail Gateways, etc., had to be moved in a minimally consequential way. (5) Implementation of VRF model for traffic isolation at layer-3. Utilized MPBGP for redistribution of routes as needed. 1-to-1 mapping of VLAN to VRF, with the exception of management traffic which was left in the global table. (6) Move from provider-based IP model to Provider-Independent IP (PiP) space and BGP Multi-homing for redundancy and routing independence between facilities.


Sr. Network Engineer

2005 - 2006 (1 year) Atlanta, GA This position was a mix of pre-sales engineering and post-sales implementation for a newly started VAR business practice at an established Page 5 of 7 company. Responsible for network design from initial specs through implementation, including VoIP infrastructure. Key accomplishments and initiatives: (1) Flown to Minnesota to design and implement failover network for Checkpoint Security System’s alarm monitoring center. This was a largescale build-out involving multi-layer Cisco Switches, fiber trunks, and complex routing rules. (2) Designed several successful multi-office VoIP networks involving coordination between vendors, telcos, and clients—all with stellar results.

First American Core Logic

Sr. Technical Engineer

January 1996 - July 2005 (9 years 7 months) Anaheim Hills, CA Recruited for technical knowledge and fluidity in customer relations. Responsible for high-level, on-site network support for top-tier clients throughout a multi-state geographical area. Worked in ambiguous, highpressure, ever-evolving settings constantly—with deadlines to have equipment and services operational. Key accomplishments and initiatives: (1) Assumed responsibility for helping our clients U.S. wide make the transition to Windows 2000 without adversely affecting operations or revenue. (2) Instrumental in design and development of several key industry products, including MetroScan, Realist, Realquest, Win2Data, Leads-to-Loans and more. (3) Designed and presented several corporate training programs to national audiences on network analysis, troubleshooting, security, and TCP/IP mechanics. (4) Performed security analyses for clients to determine readiness for software upgrades and/or new services. (5) Responsible for all pre and post-sale technical analysis, documentation, and implementation as well as sales presentations to a variety of principals— board members, presidents, IT staff.


University of Massachusetts at Lowell Information Technology/Business Management

INE Routing and Switching · (2011)

University of Phoenix Information Technology · (2004 - 2006)

Everett Community College Running Start · (1990 - 1992)

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth · (1987)