Choice or the Illusion of Choice

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I recent­ly wrote an arti­cle for searchS­DN at TechTar­get on the sub­ject of choice in the SDN mar­kets.  The gist of the arti­cle was that from a mar­ket­ing per­spec­tive one of the most effec­tive strate­gies in a clut­tered mar­ket is to reduce the con­sumer’s per­ceived choice to a bina­ry state.  It hap­pens all the time, and I used the exam­ple of Coke vs. Pep­si to illus­trate this.  My recent trav­els and ven­dor meet­ings as a del­e­gate to Net­work­ing Field Day 7 only served to solid­i­fy my think­ing in this area, with so many cut­ting edge and estab­lished ven­dors alike push­ing oft com­pet­ing visions for the future of net­work­ing.  I’ll be writ­ing more about Bro­cade, Plexxi, Avaya, and Pluribus Net­works in speci­fici­ty soon, but for now check out my thoughts on the illu­sion of choice and let me know what you think.