Uila: Visions of the Future

Read­ing Time: 5 min­utes If it’s true that a pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words, then nascent soft­ware com­pa­ny Uila has writ­ten a nov­el with their break­out soft­ware prod­uct for mon­i­tor­ing, and per­form­ing root cause analy­sis on, vir­tu­al­ized and phys­i­cal net­work infra­struc­ture, bridg­ing the gap between both.

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Cisco Announces <span class="caps">VIRL</span> on Cloud

Read­ing Time: < 1 minute Cis­co just announced today that their VIRL prod­uct, for­mer­ly only avail­able in a per­son­al edi­tion, and an enter­prise edi­tion, will be avail­able in a cloud host­ed ver­sion soon.

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Virtualization Field Day 6

Read­ing Time: 2 min­utes I’m sit­ting here watch­ing an episode of Top Gear as I write this, and wax­ing con­tem­pla­tive on my recent invi­ta­tion to both a Tech Field Day one-day event and Vir­tu­al Field Day 6 .

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